Tuesday Feb 06, 2024

Letting Scratch Happen w/ Mike & Eli of Chasing Scratch

On this episode we have Mike & Eli from the Chasing Scratch podcast. For the 3 people that haven’t heard of or listened to Chasing Scratch, Mike & Eli started a journey back in 2018 at 11 handicaps and were trying to get to scratch in a year. I won’t spoil anything for you but it’s been 6 years since then and they’re still doing the podcast, so I’ll let you deduce whether or not they’ve made it to scratch.

We talk:

- what it's like to run a big podcast and get a lot of attention

- why they sometimes shy from that attention

- contrast their mental and physical game from Season 1 to now

- mental fragility

- negative thinking

- handling pressure

- the worst and best case scenarios of their competitive golf in 2024

- difference between nerves and anxiety

- a better competitive mentality

- balancing working on physical and mental game

- and of course we have the obligatory team bear vs team shark conversation at the end, but with a different spin on it.


'Freewheeling' episode of Chasing Scratch (where they had Josh on) - Apple Podcasts

'Freewheeling' - Spotify

Chasing Scratch on Apple Podcasts

Chasing Scratch on Spotify


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