Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

Get Clarity in Your Golf Game w/ Evan Singer of The Par Train

In this episode of The Mental Golf Show, we have Evan Singer, the host of the Par Train podcast.

We talk about overcoming obstacles, finding clarity, and embracing challenges. We discuss visualization and vocalization techniques, as well as the importance of balance between technique and being present as an athlete. We also explore the broader life lessons that golf teaches us.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights for improving your mental game and enjoying the journey.



Josh's appearance on The Par Train: 7 Things Amateur Golfers Get Backwards with Josh Nichols from The Mental Golf Show



0:03:35 Sponsor: Divot Board - Elevate Your Swing, Revolutionize Your Game
0:07:03 Definition of the mental game: Performance and enjoyment components
0:11:01 Finding Balance Between Focus and Technicality
0:16:29 The Spectrum of Being a Nerd vs. Being an Athlete
0:19:36 The Importance of Commitment and Clarity in Golf
0:29:58 The Importance of Clarity and Personality Type
0:40:07 The Pressure of Feeling Rushed on the Golf Course
0:43:35 The Importance of Self-Worth and Honoring Your Process
0:50:51 The Fear of Mistakes and Launching into "Fix Mode"
1:00:59 Lightning Round: What Would Your Golf Tombstone Say?
1:02:28 Smile Through Bad Golf: Enjoy the Ride
1:04:20 Change Your Job: A Powerful Golf Advice
1:07:06 Players Who Excite Me in Contention: Spieth and Max Homa
1:10:02 Reflecting on Least Favorite Players
1:10:29 A Cop-Out Answer
1:10:38 Golf's Biggest Villains: Patrick Reed and Ian Poulter
1:20:33 Most Impactful Moment
1:20:59 A Powerful Conversation on Golf and Mental Health
1:26:21 Using Golf as a Tool for Personal Growth and Happiness


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